by Arthur Tress

“Your imagination is so powerful, it drives your every waking minute. Nightmares become reality, because the line between the day life and night life of your mind is blurred. Photographer Arthur Tress sought to capture this dream reality in his series Daymares, where he staged photographs of children’s nightmares and fantasies in the 60s and 70s. While documenting a children’s art workshop, he had the idea to interview the kids and bring their dreams to life.”

(text from CVLT Nation, images from Arthur Tress’s website)


Gideon Mendel’s The Ward

Memories from the heart of the Aids crisis shows true love in a time of terrible tragedy.

These heartbreaking and incredibly moving images show the affection and love shown during the height of the Aids crisis. Photographer Gideon Mendel’s project The Ward began in 1993 when he spent a number of weeks on the Charles Bell wards in London’s Middlesex Hospital. All the patients on the ward were dying with the knowledge that there was no cure for the disease. During this time antiretroviral medications were not available and patients on the ward faced the prospect of an early death.